Leave it to a drunk man to discover real efficiency! A Norwegian man making his way back home decided to take a snooze inside a busy Italy airport and that is when the real fun started! Check out the photos! 

The Norwegian tourist was seen on surveillance cameras walking towards his connecting terminal already pretty toasted and with a fresh beer in hand. Once he got to the gate where he thought he would find a ticket agent, much to his dismay he found no one. Being the astute and conscientious person he is the tourist decided to help the invisible gate agent with his bags. He then hops over the counter, places his bag on the belt, and decides after all the hard work he deserves some shut eye.

The tourist quickly passes out on the belt, here is where the fun comes in, and after a few minutes the belt begins to move. Taking the tourist bag and its owner on a 160 foot ride through behind the scenes airport security. That is when he received his full body X-Ray scan by the airline, I don't know if we should be worried, but the machine quickly detected the presence of a human being and alerted workers.

Airport police were called to investigate and determined that the tourist was in fact still alive but extremely drunk, I am assuming based on the time it took to rouse him from his rest?. I for one think this is absolute genius! What a great way to come travel with free health screenings! Imagine the secondary market of income if airlines started charging for full body x-ray scans! And you thought $25 to check a bag was outrageous!


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