Bust out your fake white Oakley's and let your inner Chad out for some sweet bro-science! Just know, this might get a little messy, so you'll definitely want to change that Afliction t-shirt before you get it all ruined and junk.

Here is the quick science on wine... To make wine, you mash grapes. Grapes have a ton of fructose in them (that's fruit sugars). When you introduce active and living yeast, it feeds on the sugars and creates alcohol in the process. Caught up?

So what would happen if you took a massively sugary drink like Mnt Dew and made wine out of it? Would it work? I mean, it's one of the sweetest and classiest drinks in the hardcore gamers fridge, why wouldn't it work?

Turns out, it does work. It makes alcoholic Mnt Dew. Coincidentally, adding a jigger of your preferred alcohol to your cup of soda will do the same thing, but instead of taking months, it will take seconds. So why would anyone do this? Why not. It's the internet. Nothing is supposed to make sense.

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