Morning commutes just got a lot more fun in Utrecht. Recent renovations to a train station in the Overvecht neighborhood of the Netherlands city included the installation of a slide (their transit authority calls it a “transfer accelerator”), which passengers can ride to the platform instead of taking the adjacent stairs.

See it in action in the below clip:

Why a slide? Says the Pop-Up City blog:

“The designers explain that their slide is meant to be a nice gesture to the travellers. They brilliantly foresaw that such a playful urban intervention can generate large-scale positive spin-off for a disadvantaged neighborhood like Overvecht, and that’s exactly what happened.”

We think the installation might have been inspired by this Volkswagen ad from last year, which shows rogue commuters putting a plastic slide in a German subway station:

It also reminds us of another Volkswagen initiative from 2009, in which they turned subway steps in Sweden into piano keys to encourage the usage of stairs over an escalator:

Your move, US public transportation. May we suggest monkey bars on city buses?

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