Comic-book fans have gotten incredibly spoiled in the last few years. Concepts that seemed totally impossible just a decade or two ago — like an interconnected cinematic universe of superheroes that mirrored the structure of comics and built to massive crossover movies — are now commonplace. We are living in the world nerds used to dream about to disassociate while jocks gave them wedgies.

But there are still a couple frontiers that movies have yet to cross. Sure, we’ve had intracompany crossovers like The Avengers or Justice League. But the heroes of Marvel and DC Comics remain just as separate in movies and television as they have for most of their divergent literary histories. For that reason, some kind of Marvel vs. DC crossover has become the ultimate cinematic Holy Grail for nerds.

While such a concept seems incredibly unlikely for a multitude of reasons — primarily the difficulty of sharing costs and profits — DC’s newest mega-star, Dwayne Johnson says he is “optimistic” that such a crossover could some day happen. At the premiere of his new movie Black Adam, Johnson told Variety...

...I’d like to think that we would see that. My philosophy is anything can get done. Let’s start with the end goal. And if the end goal is to have some sort of crossover that can be compelling, smart, cool for the fans. Let’s get a temperature gauge if they’d like to see something like that. And then if they do, then let’s create it. I operate my businesses like that. I truly believe that anything can happen.

Can happen and will happen are two different matters, though. On the other hand, did you ever think that Marvel would make an R-rated Deadpool movie — and that it would star Hugh Jackman as Wolverine? These companies do tend to give their fans what they want if at all possible. And if what their fans want is Marvel vs DC, then you never know. It just might happen.

Black Adam opens in theaters everywhere on October 21.

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