It's time to get to know Edge of Paradise, and what better way than checking out their new video for "Mystery," exclusively premiering right here at Loudwire.

The clip is primarily a performance based piece with Margarita Monet's vocals and piano playing helping to drive the track. Her whispery vocals float over a haunting musical backing as she sings about "the great mystery we call life." The rest of the band become more prominent in the second verse as the song continues to build. Meanwhile, you can see the members of Edge of Paradise performing in a smokey, yet well lit space.

Monet tells us, "This song is a way to cope with all the pain we sometimes face in life. By accepting that we're caught in this mystery, and there is so much we don't know about our existence, we can find comfort in the unknown and find out way to enjoy this life together. 'Mystery' features the piano, and I loved recording it as the piano and the vocals intertwine together. The band comes in strong and makes this song a dynamic experience! 'Mystery' is very close to our heart and I hope it can find a way to yours."

"Mystery" can be found on the band's five-song EP Alive. The disc was produced by Chuck Johnson and mixed by Jay Ruston, Mike Plotnikoff and Michael Wagener. “Production wise, the band is exploring its heavier side,” explains Margarita. “With the new industrial edge, yet keeping the band's dynamic and melodic sound! This is our best music to date! We were so fortunate to work with amazing, powerhouse people on this CD, and are confident that the outcome is the most exciting Edge of Paradise musical experience yet!” You can pick up a copy of Alive via Amazon and iTunes.

Edge of Paradise have a couple of dates this weekend, before getting a breather leading into the summer months. See all of their scheduled dates here. And be sure to keep up with the band via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and their website.

Edge of Paradise

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