Even in their teenage years, Enslaved were among the most advanced musicians in black metal. That notion remains true more nearly 30 years after their formation, as evidenced by the new Utgard single, "Jettegyrta."

Now 15 albums into their career, the Norwegian group remains a beacon of innovation, seemingly incapable of doing any wrong. "Jettegyrta" is a forceful five-minute track that feels like one of Enslaved's more stretched out, cinematic compositions and underscores just how efficient of songwriters they are, carefully balancing '70s prog rock leanings with their black metal roots.

“Iceland was the perfect place to shoot the video for 'Jettegryta,'" said bassist and co-vocalist Grutle Kjellson, noting the song's title translates to "Giant's Cauldron" which "refers to a phenomenon in nature, where rivers/running water – over a long period – create an often cylindrical hole in solid rock.

Elaborating further, he commented, "In ancient Norse folklore, the Jette/Jotun (giants) made these cauldrons to cook in. Although these particular nature phenomena don’t exist on the volcanic island of Iceland, there are plenty of other places on this magical island that could lead to the dwelling of the giants!"

"When Norse settlers came to Iceland in the 8th and 9th century, the fumes and fog from the hot streams and the volcanos clearly told them that this island was inhabited by elves, dwarves and giants! This reminded them of the stories of Utgard. To them, Iceland was on the doorsteps of Utgard, the outer borders of the world of men; a gateway," Kjlesson continued, offering up a light history lesson.

Placing his focus back on the song, the frontman added, "The lyrics of the song deal with entering such a mythological and esoteric place; deep within your own mind and imagination, a gateway into the dreams, the unconscious and the realm of chaos. We have tried to transform these words into this clip, and maybe you can feel a glimpse of what those early Icelanders felt when they first entered this realm!"

Watch the music video for "Jettegyrta" directly below and view the Utgard album art and track listing further down the page. Look for the album to be released on Oct. 2 through Nuclear Blast and pre-order your copy at the label's webstore.

Enslaved, "Jettegyrta" Music Video

Enslaved, Utgard Album Art + Track Listing

Nuclear Blast
Nuclear Blast

01. "Fires in the Dark"
02. "Jettegryta"
03. "Sequence"
04. "Homebound"
05. "Utgardr"
06. "Urjotun"
07. "Flight of Thought and Memory"
08. "Storms of Utgard"
09. "Distant Seasons"

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