Eve to Adam are looking forward to a major 2013 after really building their audience with 2011's 'Banquet for a Starving Dog' album. The band is currently finalizing the details for their next studio disc, but they're ready to share some new music. Loudwire is proud to team up with the band to bring you the exclusive song premiere of 'Straitjacket Supermodel' off their forthcoming album (listen below).

The track starts off with a little swing and swagger, courtesy of drummer Alex Sassaris and his brother Taki on vocals, but it's not long before the frontman unleashes his powerful voice. "'Cause I am the all original / So hated that it's criminal / My fame is on the throttle / Straitjacket Supermodel," belts the singer. There's also some hard-driving guitar and bass work from Gaurav Bali and Luis Espaillat on the track, as well.

Taki tells us, "'Straitjacket Supermodel' was inspired by the TV show 'Dexter.' We wrote a song that we envisioned would play in Dexter's head as he prepares to kill. The song is still ETA, but with a more modern edge. It's EVE TO ADAM 2.0."

Last fall, in an interview with Loudwire, the singer elaborated further on the track, revealing that Shinedown's Eric Bass was a co-writer on the song. He added of its inspiration, "It’s very reflective of what it is today to be in this society because every situation seems to be a juggernaut with the media cycle. You can go from zero to villain in three seconds, and it seems like everybody has their own little chaotic psychotic world going on with their Twitter and Facebook and everybody is pretty much the center of their own universe now, so it’s getting a little crazy, so that’s the ‘Straitjacket’ part, and ‘Supermodel’ is just being looked upon as being beautiful and perfect and that quest for an obsession for physical perfection and to be looked upon in that limelight as the ultimate badass … We have high hopes for the tune and really enjoy playing it, which is the best part."

The band spent time tracking their upcoming album with acclaimed producer Michael "Elvis" Baskette and more recently have been working with legendary engineer Ted Jensen on the mastering. Those who caught the band on tour with Halestorm and In This Moment last fall may have heard 'Straitjacket Supermodel' live, but the official studio version of the track is now here for your listening pleasure.

If you like what you hear, be sure to circle March 26 on your calendar. That's the day that 'Straitjacket Supermodel' will officially be available for purchase on iTunes. Check with Eve to Adam's Facebook page, Twitter handle and official website for further updates.

Listen to Eve to Adam's 'Straitjacket Supermodel'

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