Welcome to Northwest Spain. Home of, well, inappropriate wedding gestures, apparently. You see, for the longest time, it's been tradition to throw rice for good luck as the bride and groom leave. It's supposed to symbolize rain... but a good rain I suppose. Either/or, some traditions aren't good enough for everyone. Instead, one Maverick wedding goer decided he'd shower the wedding party with corn.

Seems like a nice gesture. Rice is cheap, corn is expensive... It's like bathing a newlywed couple in their regions version of Crystal. But someone forgot about he most important detail. This corn was shot with precision and velocity from his grain harvester. (we call it a combine, but since Europe is full of Europeans, it's a harvester) If you've ever been apart of a wheat harvest, you'll know that grain is moving at speed. Not enough to shatter bones, but definitely enough to knock you down. Regardless, it happens, someone recorded it, and it made its way around the world to your screen. Hope you enjoyed.

Also, before someone fires me a stern email about how rice is bad for birds, let me fill you in. It's just not true. Birds get a vast quantity of their diet from seeds and such. Rice is a seed. Birds can easily eat and digest it. It doesn't swell up in their body, it's not going to kill them. Just keep calm and Google everything you think you know.

The next time you go to a wedding, skip the heavy equipment and take a pound of rice.

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