TL:DR - Don't touch the business end of a snake, even if it's dead.

Snakes are marvelous creatures. Amazingly adaptive and sometimes annoyingly deadly. One of the more interesting traits of a snake is the ability to react even after death. Not in the sense of them knowingly trying to defend their headless body, but the way snakes are wired, reactions happen long after they're dead.


The head of the snake is just as deadly attached to the snake as it is unattached.

There is a proper way to take care of these belts though. If you're inside city limits, call animal control or the local authorities. If you live in the country, put it in the burn barrel with the rest of your trash. And if you're out in nature, and you've had no other choice but to kill a snake, you should use whatever tools or sticks you have to handle the head until you can bury it reasonably deep.

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