The idea of a movie about an evil mirror tormenting and killing people over the years may seem a little silly, but 'Oculus' makes it work. Set in two time frames, it tells the story of how the "Lasser Glass" destroyed one family and how the survivors reunite years later to exact their revenge. We have an exclusive look at the history of this (thankfully fictional) object, narrated by star Karen Gillan who rips off a monologue on all the mirror's devilish deeds.

Comprised of footage from the final film, this featurette gives an accelerated history of the big bad of 'Oculus,' tracking its movement around the world and the chaos it leaves in its wake.

The film is frightening for a number of reasons, but this attention to detail and history is what elevates it above so many other modern horror movies -- it really feels like an urban legend or ghost story that would exist in the real world. The best parts of 'Oculus' aren't the jump scares or visceral imagery, but rather the scenes where Gillan's character attempts to use her historical and scientific research to defeat her unknowable foe.

'Oculus' arrives in theaters April 11.

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