Splatter-hungry death-grinders Exhumed have returned after a four-year absence to bring their latest slab of slice 'n' dice brutality, Death Revenge. While you'll have to sit tight until Oct. 13 to hear the full thing, the band has conspired with Loudwire for an early look at one of the album's tracks, "Lifeless."

Sinuous harmonized leads serve as the centerpiece of "Lifeless" as the song opens up, accented by chugs and cymbal catches as frontman Matt Harvey's pus-gurgling vocal viscera continues the album's conceptual storyline. It's an old school Carcass-styled blast-fest right after, given some breathing room with sustained chords and alternate, bowel-churning vocals.

"Following sequentially through the album's track list, we are stoked to lay 'Lifeless' on you. 'Defenders of the Grave' is the introduction for the tale of Death Revenge and 'Lifeless' sets the actual plot that continues for the rest of the record in motion. Fitting with the vibe of the storyline as a whole, the clip focuses more on story elements and vibe rather than close up shots of guitar-noodling. I think it sets the tone nicely. Cheers!"

The cut is one of 13 tracks that make up the concept of Death Revenge, which is set in 1820s Edinburgh, Scotland. The act of grave-robbing and selling the bodies off to anatomists plagued the area during this time, only for the chilling tales to be reanimated nearly 200 years later by the underground California horde. Pre-orders for the album are available now through the Relapse Records webstore.

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