Legendary thrashers Exodus have some great stuff coming for the remainder of 2017. Along with a one-night reunion with former vocalist Rob Dukes, Exodus are planning to get back into the studio for their 11th studio album.

Exodus are taking over San Francisco this weekend, putting on a duo of shows on July 7 and 8. Although vocalist Steve "Zetro" Souza has been back with Exodus since 2014, these two shows will be his first headlining Bay Area shows since his return. Rob Dukes and longtime guitarist Rick Hunolt will join Exodus for a couple of songs during the second night.

"It's going to be really killer,” guitarist Gary Holt tells CBS. “The second night, we've got a few special guests lined up. It's going to be awesome. We have Rob Dukes coming up to sing some songs. I'm super stoked about that. Rick Hunolt is going to play a few songs and [Heathen guitarist] Kragen [Lum], who has been standing in for me. It's going to be a night to remember."

In another interview with Ultimate Guitar, Holt spilled some hopeful plans for Exodus to record the follow-up to 2014’s Blood In, Blood Out. “We'll have a tour coming up at the end of the year that's in the works right now to close out that album cycle,” Holt says. “I kind of got the first tours for the record done a while ago and we have some more cities we need to hit. But I've been writing a lot for the past several months for the new Exodus record which we hope to get into the studio late fall or something like that.”

The shredder continues, “We've got quite a lot of stuff done and Tom [Hunting, drums] and I have been jamming in the six months off we've had between Slayer tours. So we've been making some good headway."

Before worrying about their next record, Exodus will hit the road this fall on for a co-headlining tour with Obituary. Power Trip and Dust Bolt will round out the bill.

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