In whirlwind news, it was announced that Love's had bought out the SWOK EZ-GO stores empire. As the acquisition enters a final phase, many people are left scrambling to use up what is left on their gift cards.

It's a use it or lose it sort of thing.

I arrived at work to more than a few emails from angry Lawtonians complaining that Ez-Go wasn't honoring their gift cards. More than a few people were turned away in-store due to a jumble of communication from the head office... at least that's what store employees offered as an explanation when I reached out earlier today.

Some stores were told that the last day they could accept gift cards was March 31, others are being told it's April 11... We reached out to EasyGo's Lawton headquarters for clarification, but they didn't seem to have an exact answer either.

We had a stack of ezgo gift cards lying around the office, so we literally took everyone that works here to our local Gore Boulevard location and filled up our cars. They worked as of today, April 4, 2023. We even had enough leftover to pump $23 into a random dude's little SUV.

If you have one laying around, it doesn't seem like they know how long they will work, but I'd be sure to spend as much of your gift card balances before you lose that money forever.

It's worth mentioning, this will also be the death of easy-Go's fuel account service for now. While it seems that it will just affect commercial account holders, it's bound to affect personal eezygo Save Club cardholder accounts too... like I said, we reached out, but the person we talked to at EZ-headquarters didn't have any firm answers to offer.

Don't let free money slip through your hands, it'll buy you anything EZ_Go sells, including fuel.

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It's a top 12 list you don't want to be on. Unfortunately, these 12 towns and cities have been selected as some of the worst and by worst I mean trashiest and sleaziest in the Sooner State. These dirty dozen were selected by Google using factors like crime, violence, drug abuse, unemployment, income rates, and even the overall appearance of the town or city. It factored in things like rundown or abandoned properties and vehicles when ranking how trashy or sleazy a town or city is. You can scroll through the photo gallery below for the results.

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