Remembering stuff that happened -- that's what the Internet is all about these days. Some might think it ironic that we spend a significant amount of time using the latest computing technology to reminisce about stuff from back in the day.

Take, for example, this new 'Seinfeld'- inspired video game that has you playing as either Jerry or Kramer trying to bounce Junior Mint candies into a person's surgical opening.

The game's relevance is maxed out by the theme music -- an a capella rendition of the original theme song voiced by Vampire Weekend's Ezra Koenig. He pops the immediately recognizable bass line and horn hits while you bounce unsanitary chocolate-mint candies around the operating room.

Sometimes you have to use the candies to knock the occasional doctor, nurse, I.V. bag and Elaine out of the way. Getting candies inside the patient earns you dollars that are donated to the (remember that other thing from 'Seinfeld'?) Human Fund.

To further drive home the fact that the entire history of human civilization has brought us all as a race to a point of existential absurdity, Miley Cyrus swings through the operating room on a wrecking ball at random points. She doesn't interact with the pointless flinging of candies, but simply distracts us from it ever-so briefly. Just like in real life.

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