Games based on TV shows, especially comedies, usually turn out like blind dates — bloated, lacking personality and wastes of money that take all too long to end. But developers and publishers keep trying, so that’s why we’re getting new games based on Family Guy and South Park, despite even the series’ most devoted fans having long since given up hope that they’d be worthwhile.

The THQ role-playing game that netted a Game Informer cover story that made it seem to have at least half a chance to be good is now called South Park: The Stick of Truth, the magazine reports.

Meanwhile, an Amazon listing shows that some little-known game based on the Griffin gang published by shovelware-loving Activision is dubbed Family Guy: Back to the Multiverse.

Sitcoms we’d rather see adapted into games include a Leisure Suit Larry-like take on ‘How I Met Your Mother’, a Napoleon Dynamite interactive flash pool that lets you buy and sell squares endowed with dates on which the show will finally be cancelled, and a ‘New Girl’ smartphone game that let us pretend that Zooey Deschanel would call us every now and then.

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