The movement of Karen's the world is experiencing isn't the first time we've seen something of this magnitude. There have always been pure crazies out there, but the world has never been so connected. There have always been crazy Karen's, but the smartphone is allowing us all to share what turned out to be our common experiences with this sub-species.

Here's the thing, we shouldn't be looking at these beasts any differently than we look at the town junkies or homeless citizens. Just as some suffer from substance abuse and debilitating mental issues, a Karen should be considered the same. Sure, you can't blame drinking or drugs on their behavior, but really, they're victims of their own boredom and lives spent amassing zero self worth.

Listen, everybody has outbursts from time to time. It's a human condition. Karen's just have that little extra DNA marker that forces them to have, not only more outbursts in pure frequency of events, but also with less antagonizing. They're just wired to go off like a poorly constructed vest-worn bomb built in a cave halfway around the world on technology developed by Nokia in 1998. It's a touchy subject.

Here's the truth of it... Karen's and Ken's are what people develop into when they don't have a diversified group of friends. These are typically the type of people that surround themselves with only the type of people that share their own ideals and political views, and it goes both ways. Not all Karen's are conservative, not all Ken's are liberal.

If you really want to prevent yourself from slipping into the unescapable void that is a sad Karen existence, put down your social media device, walk out the front door and talk to your neighbors that have different political and/or religious views than yourself. You might be thinking "That's not possible, religion and politics is too touchy of a subject..." but what you may not know is, you don't discuss these things with your neighbors. Politics and religions are personal to you, and the sooner you realize you're the only person that cares about your opinion, the better off we'll all be. If you do this, you'll see that good people exist everywhere, and you don't have to agree on the lies the media tells you.

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