Remember that famous OK Go video from a few years back? The one with the treadmills? Sure you do. It was all over the place for a few weeks back in 2006.

A quick refresher: The Chicago-based band released a video for its song 'Here It Goes Again' featuring the group members jumping off and on a set of treadmills in a stunning feat of choreography as the song played in the background. You can watch it below again to relive 2006.

Somebody just got around to putting together a video of that video ... but without the pesky music getting in the way. So what we're left with is the sound of four guys clapping, jumping off and on treadmills, awkward grunts and heavy breathing ... pretty much like what it sounds like when anyone attempts the grueling feats going on in the original video.

You can watch the new video above.

It's both revealing and a little off-putting, with all those squeaks and shuffling feet in there. And it may even make you respect a little more what they were able to pull off in this landmark clip.

And here's that original groundbreaking video again:

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