Tragic news to report out of Switzerland, as a fan has died from injuries sustained in a stage dive at a concert headlined by Suicidal Tendencies. The Jan. 22 show was part of the Persistence Tour that also featured Terror, Strife and Evergreen Terrace.

The newspaper Solothurner Zeitung reports that the 28-year-old fan apparently landed on the ground when he dove off the stage, according to a representative of the Kulturfabrik Kofmehl venue in Solothurn, Switzerland. "Unfortunately, crowd members failed to properly catch him and he fell to the ground," says Pipo Kofmehl [translation via Blabbermouth].

He adds, "A security guard responded immediately, helped the young man and our emergency unit reacted as well." The fan apparently did get up and walk around after the stage dive, but the venue insisted he be taken to the hospital. Sadly, the concertgoer had an epileptic seizure and died two days later (Jan. 24) at the Bern University Hospital.

While the fan's death is thought to be a tragic accident, police have launched an investigation in following standard procedure.

Sadly, the stage dive death brings to mind the entire Randy Blythe incident in which a fan died from injuries he sustained at a Lamb of God concert in 2010. Blythe was detained and tried on manslaughter charges but was ultimately found not guilty of any wrongdoing in 2013.


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