A fan of The Exploited was killed outside the band’s recent show in St. Petersburg, Russia. The 27-year-old was reportedly stabbed after attempting to stop a group of neo-Nazis from chanting “zigovat,” which translates to “Sieg Heil.”

According to Life.ru, the tragic incident took place outside St. Petersburg’s Cosmonaut club. The fan was stabbed after a scuffle ensued, succumbing to his injuries while being transported to the hospital. Eyewitnesses claim the suspect responsible fled the scene after stabbing the 27-year-old. Authorities are currently working to find the attacker’s whereabouts.

The Exploited released a profanity-laced statement via Facebook about the fan’s death, adding that Nazis are not welcome at the band’s shows:

Our condolences go out to his family and hopefully they catch the people who did this.
F--king scummy c--ts.
There are a lot of people here talking shit as if it is The Exploited's fault that this kid got killed outside a gig, let’s get a few points cleared up.
If we had seen any c--t sieg heiling at our gig we would have had them kicked the f--k out. Also, if the people who are talking s--t had seen someone do this then why did they do f--k all about it?

We’d like to offer our deepest sympathies to the deceased fan’s loved ones.

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