They say never meet your heroes, but that doesn’t apply to these rock and metal superfans. In this Loud List, you’ll see fans absolutely freak whole meeting their favorite musicians.

Iraqi thrash band Acrassicauda got the thrill of a lifetime while hanging out backstage at a Metallica gig. After the iconic metal band performed, James Hetfield surprised Acrassicauda with the guitar he just played, signing the axe while one of the Iraqi metalheads reacted with absolute amazement. He even got to hug his hero after the fact.

Remember MTV’s Made, where high school kids were transformed into something they always dreamed of being? Blink-182’s Mark Hoppus was featured in an episode, offering to help out a female bassist who wanted to write her own music. When meeting Hoppus, though, nerves caused her to completely blank on her original song. Thankfully, her memory jarred and she got to teach her song to the Blink bassist.

Slipknot / Stone Sour frontman Corey Taylor visited one of his biggest fans in 2017 after Aaron Foley was hit by an oncoming truck, resulting in the young man becoming paralyzed. Taylor stopped by the hospital to lift the fan’s spirits, answering questions and chatting with him for over half an hour.

Check out these 10 Fans Freaking Out While Meeting Their Heroes in the Loud List above.

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