Longtime Rob Zombie guitarist John 5 has been confirmed to be Motley Crue's new guitarist now that Mick Mars has stepped down and retired. Naturally, as a result of one of the most significant lineup changes in rock and metal history. fans have had a lot of varying reactions to the news.

What should be reassuring for everyone, even though Crue's original four will no longer perform together live, is that Mick Mars' riffs and solos are in remarkably capable hands — literally. John 5 is a seasoned virtuoso who can play pretty much anything and with apparent ease. He's a very close friend of Nikki Sixx as well, which will help with their onstage chemistry once they hit the road together.

Throughout the summer of 2022, Crue finally embarked on the long-awaited "Stadium Tour" with co-headliners Def Leppard as well as Poison, Joan Jett & The Blackhearts and Classless Act. The reunion run was a smash success, which prompted the group to look further out, recently announcing dates for Mexico, South America, Europe and the U.K.

Crue will be without the services of Mars for the first time, however, leaving fans with mixed emotions. Mars announced his retirement last night, meeting with a wealth of fan commentary, and now Motley Crue have confirmed John 5 to fill his spot in their touring lineup. See a sampling of the social media reactions to John 5's addition below. As you can see, some welcome his arrival, while others have taken issue with it.

Fans React to John 5 Joining Motley Crue

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