Prepare yourselves for the coming Farmageddon! I can't believe it's taken this long, but we're finally going to get what we've been asking for, what we really deserve! The OKC "Dynamic Duo" will now have their very own show on the Discovery Channel. That's right get ready for the Farmtruck and AZN show. It's about DAMN TIME!

The announcement came a few days ago and the show's launch was delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. With all that's going on they haven't been able to do a lot of shooting for the new show so production has been slow. However we have our first glance and more is on the way. The world could use more Farmtruck and AZN right about now!

If you've ever seen Street Outlaws on the Discovery Channel I'm sure you know who these two are, if not you need to tune in and check it out! Especially if you're a race fan and I'm talking drag racing. The guys of the 405 in Oklahoma City are the fastest around. It's one of my all time favorite shows and it's even better that they're from OKC.

Farmtruck has always been my favorite and is the absolute king of the sleepers. I love that truck! It never gets old watching it in action and seeing those front tires raise. It's even better when they're fishing. Seeing peoples reactions and having their asses beat by an old orange 70 C-10 Chevy pick up is beyond awesome!

I love the whole 405 crew and cars, but Farmtruck and AZN are the best! Their mix of street racing and shenanigans never gets old and now we'll have an entire show dedicated to the duo. They'll have a 2 hour special this Monday, August 3rd (08-03-20) on the Discovery Channel. I know what I'll be watching Monday night!

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