It's a confusing time for Disturbed fans, who are watching the band's members begin to find success with other projects. John Moyer has been playing bass for Adrenaline Mob, who've already released a full album and covers EP. David Draiman has one of the most hyped projects of the year with Device, who just released their debut disc. And this week we learned that guitarist Dan Donegan and drummer Mike Wengren were launching a new band called Fight or Flight. But Donegan is quick to alleviate Disturbed split fears while promoting his new outfit.

The guitarist followed the lead of Draiman, who has repeatedly penned open letters to Disturbed fans reaffirming his commitment to the band while his new project grabs headlines. Donegan went in depth about the decision to do other music during Disturbed's hiatus and also spoke about how everyone is still on track to return to the band when the timing is right.

Donegan's posting about joining Fight or Flight and Disturbed's future can be read below:

Hey Disturbed Ones, just wanted to thank you all for taking the time to check out mine & Mike's new side-project Fight or Flight! No this does NOT mean the end of Disturbed, as David has also made that clear. We love you the fans that have given us this life and the outlet to express ourselves for many years now. This has just become another extension of us. I get it, I understand why some of you may be mad that we are all doing other things right now but let me assure you that all of us are looking forward to the day we return as Disturbed to show you how much you mean to us. But in the meantime we are all focused and giving 110% to our individual projects. Whether you love it or hate it we all pour our blood, sweat and tears into making music for us and the satisfaction we get from it. We hope you find a connection with it as well … Music has always been therapeutic for everyone. That's why we do it. It makes me feel good and any worries go away. It brings me peace in my life and I cannot live without it. I look forward to hopefully seeing some familiar faces once we hit the road with Fight or Flight and then again with Disturbed someday! Much love & respect
-Dan Donegan

In addition to Donegan and Wengren, Fight or Flight features Evans Blue frontman Dan Chandler, Ra bassist Sean Corcoran and guitarist Jeremy Jayson. The band's debut disc, 'Life By Design?,' is due July 23 via Warner Bros. Records.

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