This is what I am actually scared of when I ride a roller coaster.

You ever ride a roller coaster and notice the steep stairs next to the ramp you're going up? Those stairs are there in case the coaster doesn't make it up the hill. What happens if you go over the hill and your coaster gets stuck somewhere else on the ride? I guess you call the fire department like you're a cat stuck in a tree.

The Wave Breaker Rescue Coaster. Oh the irony right now. The coaster simulates you being a part of the Sea World rescue team. It looks like you're riding a jet ski in the coaster cart. Turns out folks on Sunday afternoon that were apart of the 'rescue team' were the ones that actually needed rescuing.

It's a good thing that the ride broke down where it did because the ride actually goes over water in some spots. The San Antonio fire department used the ladder from the truck to bring guests down one by one. Sea World released the following statement on the situation.

“Yesterday at 12:51pm the Wave Breaker roller coaster stopped during the ride.  Thirteen guests were onboard. Consistent with our established safety protocols we worked with the San Antonio Fire Department to safely evacuate all guests on the ride.  We apologize for the guest inconvenience. The safety of our employees and guests is our top priority.”

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