The Fourth of July is just around the corner, so various firework shows are popping off across Oklahoma! Altus, Oklahoma, recently had the town's American Spirit Festival but the fireworks display was cut short due to a major malfunction.

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The Altus American Spirit Festival took place over two days, June 23 and 24. The festival wrapped up Saturday, June 24 with a big fireworks show over a local lake in the middle of town.

WATCH: Fireworks show experiences major malfunction in Altus, Oklahoma.

We all know how fireworks shows go, lots of boom pops and pretty colors. Sometimes these shows are set to patriotic music. Then at the end of the show there's a big finally with A LOT of boom pops. When it goes right, it's a beautiful site to see. But when it goes wrong... things get scary real quick.

According the Altus Parks + Recreation Facebook page, Saturday's fireworks show did not get a finale display due to a ground-level explosion. The explosion caused severe damage and to keep everyone safe, the show was cut short. Luckily, no one was injured in the incident.

One citizen got an aerial view of the incident and, wow, that is one big and crazy explosion!

We're glad everyone in Altus was safe from the explosion this weekend. But there are definitely more fireworks shows on the way! So be sure to stay safe out there when celebrating the Fourth of July. No one wants to spend any holiday in the hospital, so make sure you're keeping yourself, your loved ones and everyone else safe.

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