Nightwish singer and solo artist Floor Jansen, who last month revealed she's "cancer free" after undergoing treatment for breast cancer, has now announced her first-ever solo album.

It's called Paragon, and it arrives on March 24, 2023.

In addition to the three singles Jansen already shared from the forthcoming effort — "Me Without You," "Storm" and "Fire" — the album contains a further seven tracks for a total of 10 songs. Paragon will be available digitally and physically on CD, vinyl and in a limited-edition box set. Pre-order the album here.

Near the bottom of this post, see the artwork and track listing for Paragon. Underneath, hear the singles.

"To renew yourself and take leaps into the unknown makes you grow," Jansen said this week in a press release. "To age is a gift not everyone gets. I am a fortunate woman who got to make an album I never knew I could make. One that even defines me, where I am on my path."

She continued, "I am so proud of this work! And grateful for all the amazing people in this beautiful life that helped me get here!"

After recovering from gallbladder removal last year, Jansen told the podcast Breaking Absolutes that she started working on solo material during the pandemic.

"I've been working on a solo album," Jansen explained. "Or let's say a little bit before that. … And it really kickstarted my own creativity that I haven't really been able to use over the years. It's nice that it gets out."

Before the singles that would make Paragon, Jansen issued solo songs such as 2021's "Dangerous Game" and "Oblivion." Nightwish's latest, Human. :II: Nature., arrived in 2020.

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Floor Jansen, Paragon Album Art + Track List

Floor Jansen album art
Floor Jansen

1. "My Paragon"
2. "Daydream"
3. "Invincible"
4. "Hope"
5. "Come Full Circle"
6. "Storm"
7. "Me Without You"
8. "The Calm"
9. "Armoured Wings"
10. "Fire"

Floor Jansen, "Me Without You" (Music Video)

Floor Jansen, "Storm" (Music Video)

Floor Jansen, "Fire" (Music Video)

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