Foo Fighters have been making 2017 one of their best years as a band. Just a month ago, the group released their newest album Concrete and Gold, their ninth studio album, but the music doesn't stop there. They're keeping things going with another new song "Soldier," off of a recently announced compilation 7-Inches for Planned Parenthood.

"Soldier" is one of the Foos' mellowest songs they've released in recent years. Guitars float away from the hard, catchy rock they've been known for, instead relying on slower riffs that build up an atmosphere. The song plays out well as a fun jam that probably wouldn't have fit on the rest of Concrete and Gold but works here.

The compilation puts all its proceeds towards supporting and funding Planned Parenthood, and comes featuring a variety of artists across multiple genres like Mary J. Blige, Sleater-Kinney, Bjork, St. Vincent and more. The compilation is out now in full to listen to, and the box set can be pre-ordered before it's out in November.

The Foos have also spent the better part of this last year gigging across the United States. Recently, they played a tour date in Washington, D.C., where an incredibly lucky fan got to meet Dave Grohl before the set. The fan arrived to the show wearing a cast, to which Grohl's orthopedic doctor remarked she should have a shoe over the cast in order for it to heal up. Grohl then went back to his dressing room, and brought out his own shoe for her to wear.

Also at a recent show, the band pulled a South Carolina college student onstage to perform a cover of Queen's "Under Pressure" on drums. The student posted on Reddit (as transcribed by Alternative Nation) to remark that it was "by far the highest quality and best sounding drum kit I've ever sat behind, even after being played for three hours." He also mentioned because he prefers to sit higher on the drum set, he missed a few of the notes, but he wasn't phased by it. Instead, "I was just worried about gaining the approval of Dave and Taylor and I didn't care that there were 12,000+ people in front of me."

Check out "Soldier" below, and watch Foo Fighters play "Under Pressure" with the college student below as well.

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