UPDATE (Dec. 22, 2022): Jason Hook has shared another sneak peek of new solo music. Watch that at the bottom of the page.

Who's ready for Hook? While it was recently revealed that former Five Finger Death Punch guitarist Jason Hook would debut his new solo band live at the 2023 edition of the ShipRocked Cruise, you won't have to wait quite that long to get a feel for how his new music sounds. In fact, Hook posted studio video giving a significant listen to one of the track's he's been working on.

In the clip seen below, Hook is holed up in a music studio, sitting at the board playing back a portion of an untitled song while his drummer is off to the side playing his kit along to the recording for a take. At nearly three-and-a-half minutes, the video shows not only a majority of the song, but also offers a glimpse of Hook's drummer showing off his skills with a challenging drum fill. It also feels like a natural rock radio hit in the making.

Simply captioning the clip, "A little taste ... 2023 see you on the boat!," the preview offers the first listen to what the guitarist has been working on since exiting the group in 2020. The video itself also earned the former FFDP guitarist some props in the comments from Nikki Sixx, the band Ra, Dino Jelusick and Garrett Whitlock among others.

Rumors of Hook's exit from FFDP started to circulate in early October 2020, with the move being confirmed not long after.

"I have had the pleasure of meeting so many of you in person. Thank you for the endless stories of how our music has touched your heart in some way! But the best part of being on tour the last 12 years, by far, has been playing my guitar and seeing the joy on your faces every night," Hook said in a statement about his departure. "I will miss that more than anything. As far the reason I’m leaving…well, there really isn’t just one. I’ve been in bands my entire life and I feel like I’ve done all the good that I can here. It’s time to pass the baton and move on to new challenges."

In late 2019, Hook underwent gallbladder surgery, which forced Five Finger Death Punch to postpone three tour dates. When the band hit the road again in Europe at the start of 2020, the guitarist had to leave the tour early because he needed "additional time for his recovery," per an official statement from the band.

Andy James, who had filled in for Hook, was eventually named the band's new guitarist. James will appear on FFDP's upcoming Afterlife album.

Jason Hook Shares Another Audio Sneak Peek of New Solo Music

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