Former Oklahoma University running back Joe Mixon recently received an aggravated menacing charge. Today, the charge was dismissed due to further investigation needed, but this isn't Mixon's first mix up.

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Mixon is currently a running back for the Cincinnati Bengals. He received an aggravated menacing charge for an incident that allegedly occurred on Jan. 21, which is when the Bengals played the Buffalo Bills in New York for the AFC divisional championship. The complaint was filed on Jan. 26 claiming that Mixon pointed a gun at a woman, which in Ohio is a first-degree misdemeanor.

According to WLWT5 in Cincinnati, court documents stated that on Jan. 21, "Mixon allegedly pointed a firearm at the victim stating, 'You should be popped in the face, I should shoot you, the police can get me.'" WLWT5 reports that the charge was dismissed at the request of the city's prosecuting office stating further investigation is needed. The station also reports that the victim has been kept abreast of the charge dismissal and that the victim would be going forward with the charge if it is refiled, which the prosecutor's office said there is potential for a refile at a later date.

Mixon has a history of assault from his time as a Sooner.

In 2014, Mixon received a misdemeanor charge for punching a woman after the alleged use of a racial slur. Mixon entered a plea agreement, issued an apology and was suspend for one season.

Then in 2017, Mixon was drafted to the Cincinnati Bengals in the second round. According to ESPN, Mixon signed a four-year extension worth $48 million and was named to Pro Bowl in 2021.

Oklahomans have a lot of thoughts about Mixon's latest mix up.

If you search "Joe Mixon" on Twitter right now, you'll find a lot of Oklahomans have a few things to say about Mixon's recent charges. A majority of them allude to his incident in 2014 while he was playing for the Sooners. And it looks like the video from the 2014 incident is being heavily circulated.

As of Friday, February 3, the Cincinnati Bengals have not issued an official statement. It'll be interesting to see what happens or if history repeats itself. If it does, Mixon will still have a career in professional football.

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