If you're a big fan of the TV show 'Yellowstone' only one piece is going to remain in Fort Worth when the series recently filmed there.

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I'm fully prepared for everyone to judge me for this, but I have not watched a single second of 'Yellowstone'. I know, I know. I think it's the biggest show on television right now and I hear nothing but good things about it. Well, the show recently filmed a prequel series called '1883' that is airing exclusively on Paramount Plus.

The show was actually filmed just south of us over in Fort Worth. Parts of the town were transformed to make it look like the old west. If you go to the area now, everything looks normal except for one building. Hooker's Grill will be keeping their '1883' look on their building and honestly I think it's a very smart move.

Fans of the show can swing on by and snap a photo with one of the filming locations. Plus, grab some food that was actually featured on the show. It looks like on the show, the building was used as a liquor store. So if you love the show and plan on visiting Fort Worth anytime soon. Go check out Hooker's Grill, looks like they make some damn good burgers.

Also, I need to add 'Yellowstone' to my watch list. Currently working my way through 'The Simpsons' series on Disney Plus and that is taking some time as you can imagine.



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