During a recent Limp Bizkit concert at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Tampa, Fred Durst pulled a fan from the crowd onstage to help him sing a Limp Bizkit classic. Watch Durst sing "Full Nelson" together with a fan.

The dad vibes were strong during the Limp Bizkit show in Tampa on April 28, as Durst continues to wear a wavy white wig, red-tinted sunglasses, and a collared shirt with light brown pants. There's even someone dressed just like him sitting on a couch onstage throughout the show.

As Durst walks around asking the crowd to name the song playing in the background he says "I got a microphone for the loudest mouth motherfucker that's ready to go." He tells a fan, after confirming he knows "Full Nelson" to "bring your ass up here motherfucker, talking all that shit. Ladies and gentlemen say hello to the local shit talker."

He asks the fan he brought up onstage with him to introduce himself but there were some initial communication issues between the two, leading Durst to say, "Follow my lead, let's hear it for Jeff aka Chad," not completely certain of hearing the man's name correctly. Then Durst starts off the song, "Why's everybody always picking on me?" with Jeff singing after him "why's everybody always picking on me?" and Durst continues, "Does anybody really know a thing about me?" and Jeff/Chad continues to sing/scream along with Durst.

The duo sings, "You'll get knocked the fuck out / Cause your mouth's writing checks that your ass can't cash" in unison and it's clear that Jeff is a huge Limp Bizkit fan. Durst thanks the fan and he responds, "Thank you Fred, thank you Limp Bizkit!," stating that they're one of his  "favorite bands in my entire life." They continue to sing, "We've got the fire to burn this motherfucker down, town, town" together as the crowd jumps up and down while they sing along.

Durst grabs the fan's hand, raising the hands together to the sky as the song comes to an end and the crowd goes crazy.

Watch Fred Durst Pull Fan From the Crowd to Sing Limp Bizkit's "Full Nelson" 

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