You can now get FREE wood chips and mulch at Elmer Thomas Park located at 501 N.W. Ferris Ave in Lawton. The wood chips and mulch are FREE to all Lawton, Fort Sill residents and you're welcome to get as much as you need. The park is open 6:00am CST until 11:00pm CST 7 days a week. Get it while you can!

Back in October we had a really bad ice storm that caused all kinds of damage to our trees. Most neighborhoods and even some of the main streets were completely covered with downed tree limbs that had broken due to the ice.We even saw whole trees come down in some areas. The City of Lawton spent most of last month cleaning up all the limbs and debris from the ice storm. They even provided some in town locations were you could drop off your limbs including Elmer Thomas Park.

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The only good thing that came out of the ice storm is FREE wood chips and mulch. The city gathered all the limbs and put them through a huge wood chipper so now we have some great mulch and wood chips we can use. You'll have until Friday, December 18th (12-18-20) to load up on FREE wood chips and mulch, then the city will dispose of what's left. Just stop by Elmer Thomas Park and grab what you want.

As mentioned in the official press release from the City of Lawton above they are no longer accepting tree limbs and other debris at any of the in town drop off locations. If you still have limbs and other storm related debris you'll need to schedule a pick up, or take it to the City Dump yourself.

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