Fuel have enjoyed a solid return in 2021, first hitting with the single "Hard" and now ready to follow with a melodic, radio-ready heartfelt love song, "Landslide."

Guitarist-songwriter Carl Bell says, “The song is about the uplifting side of a relationship. The lyric ‘caught in a landslide’ is about being overwhelmed by your feelings for someone. Musically, the entire record is like an unintentional homage to so many great bands and references so many influences: Def Leppard, The Cure, Duran Duran, Zeppelin, the Fixx, Journey, and even KC and the Sunshine Band."

Speaking of that new record, the Anomaly album arrives today (Oct. 22), featuring Fuel's newly reshaped lineup. Original members Carl Bell and drummer Kevin Miller are now flanked by vocalist John Corsale, guitarist Mark Klotz and bassist Tommy Nat, and collectively they've got a record that's put them back in the spotlight.

"I basically hadn’t written more than one or two rock songs in the past ten years honestly.  I was just really burnt and kind of over it all," Bell tells us. "So when I began writing for Anomaly it kind of felt all fresh again. Plus new tech and techniques I had gathered from doing a solo country project as a tribute to my dad, I really found myself intrigued and drawn in by the songs and sounds I was getting coming out of the speakers for this project. Then John adding great vocal tracks, and seeing the abilities of these new players, as well as Kevin Miller’s return to the kit, it all felt like a really cool resurgence and return to the Fuel sound for myself."

“It’s crazy because Mark, Tommy, and John were all fans,” the guitarist adds. “That was fun to watch from our perspective and they were all up to the task. It’s probably the best band I’ve been in. John is an amazing singer with a great range and delivers this incredible finesse, as well as being a gifted guitar player. Kevin is the guy you always want by your side. I wouldn’t be doing this without him.”

“Kevin came to me with a life-changing opportunity,” comments new vocalist Corsale. “I had to step up to the plate, and I knew it was my opportunity. Without telling me, Kevin had me record a demo of a classic Fuel track ‘for a friend’. I could only bite my lips knowing what it could potentially be. On July 4, 2020, we took the steps forward in reigniting Fuel. We got the whole band together, jammed, and smiled at each other. I was content to see Carl and Kevin so happy to be playing these songs together.”

Coinciding with the album's release is the new Kamp Kennedy-directed video for "Landslide," which makes great use of New York's landscape as viewed from great heights. “Filming a video on a rooftop just always works,” says Bell, “I grew up seeing the U2 video and of course the legendary Beatles performance on the roof of Abbey Road so this just felt great to do our own version.” Check out the clip below and you can pick up Fuel's Anomaly album digitally here and physical variations here. Look for Fuel also playing shows at Bethlehem, Pennsylvania's Musikfest Cafe on Nov. 26 and Lititz, Pennsylvania's Mickey's Black Box on Nov. 27.

Fuel, "Landslide"

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