Geronimo is set to host their city-wide garage sale in a few weeks. June 26th, bargain hunters are being welcomed into a community event to do a little shopping. It's important to note, this isn't taking place in one central location... rather, it's the day set aside for all garage sales to take place as one big event. You'll be traveling house to house to find your treasures. A much needed sense of normalcy in a tumultuous year so far.

Because of the covid-19 pandemic the media has dropped like an old toy, Geronimo organizers are requesting that people maintain social distancing and avoid large congregations of people for your own health and well being.

Normally, we host a city wide garage sale down at the Comanche County Fair Grounds, but if you can remember April like it didn't feel like two and half years ago, the coronavirus concerns really put a damper on pretty much everything. As much work as it was to put on, we almost looked back with graduation goggles, missing the thrill of seeing everything up for purchase in that competitive first-come-first-served manner. Seeing familiar faces of the people who seemed to always show up... The tupperware lady, that dude with all the beer steins, the couple that always had vintage money for trade. It really was an event of the people. Of course, the verdict is still out on whether that event will ever return going forward. Our plan to reschedule later in the year keeps getting pushed further into the likelihood of never. All because someone either ate a bat or let the rona slip from the lab.

The Geronimo event sounds fun. Here are the details on the event page.

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