The Deftones are one of the most original and distinctive bands to emerge in the past three decades. If you love their dark, brooding sound, and you're trying to figure out how to get some of that vibe, Gear Factor host Squiggy has done some of the heavy lifting for you. As so have the two musicians he hired for this "Gear Factor Challenge": one guy plays guitar, and the other plays drums and keyboards... at the same time.

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But on to the gear: we'll start out with the Blackstar HT Club 40 Mk II amp, which includes the I.S.F., aka the Infinite Shape Feature. "You can get almost any tone out of this amp!" Squiggy enthuses.

What are you going to play through that amp? The ESP LTD Stephen Carpenter signature guitar -- which has seven strings. The green sparkly guitar uses Carpenter's Fishman Fluence signature pickups, and it looks and sounds amazing.

The drummer is playing a kit with one hand, while working on a Korg Minilogue polyphonic analog synthesizer with the other. As Squiggy notes, the instrument has 100 manufacturers presets and up to 100 user presets. Finally, there's the Radial Pro DI Passive Direct Box, which "eliminates noisy ground hums."

Got it? We can't promise that, even with this gear, you'll become a legend like Chino Moreno and co., but if you work hard, you might be able to get a decent sounding version of "Digital Bath."

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