I haven't used my fireplace in almost 2, maybe 3 years. I ran out of wood awhile back and have never replaced it. I was just talking with the wife that we needed to get some more wood. It's probably too late for this year, not to get wood but to burn it. Hopefully we won't have too many cold days before Spring finally gets here. It would be nice to be ready for next Winter though. If like me you're needing firewood the City of Lawton just announced that they're offering FREE uncut firewood to all Lawton residents.

The uncut firewood is available near Robinson's Landing in the Wichita Mountains, Lake Lawtonka area. Basically it's a bunch of fallen trees that need to be cut up and disposed of. To gain access to the downed trees that can be cut for firewood  you'll first need a permit. Go to the Lake Headquarters located at 23510 State Highway 58 to get your FREE 3 day permit. This will allow you to cut and collect firewood at no cost.

After that you're free to get firewood and as much as you can cut and haul off! No to sure what type of wood or species it is, but it's free! It might even be be ready to burn by next Winter after it seasons awhile throughout the Spring/Summer months. The wood is located just East from Robinson's Landing. To get to the site go to Rick's Transmission on Meers-Porter Hill Road then turn South. If you're needing more information and details call (580)-529-2663. Below is the official press release from the City of Lawton.

City of Lawton- Free Firewood Press Release

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