So the story goes in the video above, a woman accidentally drove her car into Jed Johnson Lake in the heart of the Wichita Mountains. She escaped the car, but drowned in her attempt to elude death, but death cast its cold hand upon her shoulder. Some say you can still hear her scream across the lake today. It's hard to coroberate the story, as this isn't the version you run across online.

With a little Google-Fu, you'll run across the story of a young woman that was taking in the sites of the Wichita Mountains, and when hiking in and around Jed Johnson Lake, plunged to her death near the dam. The same site where paranormal 'experts' claim her spirit still lives. In a matter of superb continuity, the same rumor of hearing a woman scream across the wide expanse of the lake remains.

That's not the only story about the so-called 'haunted' Jed Johnson Lake. There's a third story that the same woman actually took her fall from the Jed Johnson tower... Others speculate it was a suicide... Fewer insist it was a young man... Regardless, some have claimed that if you're there near or after dusk, you can actually hear phantom footsteps walking up the tower steps. The tower is now off-limits to visitors, and the reason behind that isn't clear either.

While in reality, the Jed Johnson tower is most likely chained up and locked off from visitors for two reasons. The first being, like most public works projects of the depression era, it's old. Condemned. Frail. Crumbling... take your pick of excuses. Another, and probably more accurate reason is vandalism. As you'll see in the video, the inside of this tower is filled with trash and spray paint. That's far more believable than the morbid 'suicide hot spot' rumor.

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