A frightening scene erupted earlier this week at a McDonald's in Brooklyn, NY, when a 15-year-old girl was pummeled while dozens of people looked on and cheered.

Please note the video of the beating is graphic and contains some NSFW language.

The huge throng of witnesses watched and not one person contacted the police. Employees at McDonald's eventually called 911. The victim has been released from the hospital, but had to go back when she collapsed after returning home.

The girl does not plan to press any charges, since she's reportedly afraid some of the suspects are in a neighborhood gang and not one witness has come forward. Her mother is also not working with police.

Community leader Tony Herbert urged the victim to take action:

We are asking that young lady to not be afraid. Come forward. We will stand with her. We have pictures. We have video of all these individuals. So save the taxpayers money and bring yourself forward."

One girl who saw the brawl while walking by the eatery said, "I wanted to help her, but I knew I would get jumped, too."

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