Every year, Girl Scouts cookie booths seem to pop up around the landscape, most notably at frequented store-fronts of grocery store and retail outlets. They're offering really delicious cookies in order to raise funds for the year. It helps pay for all of their activities and such as they go through the program learning life skills.

Quick show of hands... Who prefers the chocolate and peanut butter shortbread Tagalongs like I do?  I know Thin Mints get all the attention, and it's warranted because they are so good, especially out of the freezer, but I can't deny my peanut butter chocolate obsession.

This year, there's an additional challenge to raising funds through these cookies... an ongoing global pandemic. While it's not affecting the tenacity of these scouts, Girl Scouts as a whole is offering alternative ways to purchase your cookies this year. Through an app, you'll be able to purchase your cookies and have them delivered. All the same, you'll still be able to find hundreds of pop-up cookie booths across Southwest Oklahoma also, it's really up to your discretion how you'd like to indulge in these amazing cookies for a good cause.

Another show of hands... Who has tried the Lemon-Ups? I didn't think I'd like them when I pulled out a cookie that said "I Am Bold," but I'll be completely honest with you, it was awesome. A perfect little palate cleanser after devouring half a box of Tagalongs. I also tried the S'mores cookies. Two little shortbread cookies, half marshmallow, half chocolate, tastes just like a camping trip.

Even if you're on a diet and watching what you eat, don't forget Girl Scouts cookies make great presents. I mailed some to one of my immediate family members so he or she will have a surprise in the mailbox on Monday. Stick them in the freezer and gift them next christmas. It's the gift that always surprises and is always welcomed.

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