This weekend thousands of young girls will be taking to the great outdoors for Girl Scouts Love State Parks weekend.


Being a girl scout taught me so many things, I learned how to cook on a coffee can with homemade burner.  That was fun.  I earned badges for all kinds of things, like archery, sewing, photography and much more.  I think that's one of the greatest things about being a Girl Scout, is the opportunity to learn things that may interest you for years to come.

Girl Scout councils across the country have partnered with their local state parks to plan a weekend full of fun activities September 11–13 that showcase Girl Scouts’ passion for the great outdoors. Everyone—alums, girls, their families, and park staff—is welcome to join in the fun at these local and virtual events, which THOR Industries and The VF Foundation, made possible. Best of all, because the celebrations are taking place in nearly 400 parks, chances are, there’s an event by you!

Jeri Anderson
Jeri Anderson

Ahead of their park visits, Girl Scouts and their friends and families can pledge to Pick Up America.


Get your Girl Scouts Love State Parks passport!

Get your Girl Scouts Love State Parks passport for free to guide your adventures throughout the weekend and unlock your Girl Scouts Love State Parks 2021 Patch. (Eco-friendly tip: if you’re printing it, use the double-sided setting.)

  Download Passport (PDF)

I actually downloaded the passport because some of the things the scouts will be doing this weekend are things we can do anytime we visit parks in our own area.  If you are already a Girl Scout, this is going to be an amazing weekend outdoors.  If you are not yet a Scout, you can find out how here!


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