Misfits definitely have some controversial songs in their catalog, and Glenn Danzig doesn't think bands would be able to get away with releasing such material now. He says a punk explosion wouldn't happen in today's culture of "woke bullshit."

Take "Last Caress" for example — the song touches on killing babies and raping mothers.

"It’s just a crazy-ass song. We would do things just to piss people off," Danzig admitted to Rolling Stone, adding that we won't have any new bands releasing songs like that because they'll "immediately get canceled."

You don't say!

"People don’t understand, because everything’s so cancel-culture, woke bullshit nowadays, but you could never have the punk explosion nowadays, because of cancel culture and woke bullshit," he continued.

"You could never have it. It would never have happened. We’re lucky it happened when it did, because it’ll never happen again. You won’t have any of those kinds of bands ever again. Everyone’s so uptight and P.C., it’s just like, 'Okay, whatever.'”

There have been a lot of mixed reactions to Danzig's statement on social media, particularly Twitter. While there are those who agree with his viewpoint, others believe it's productive if we don't hear any new songs about murdering babies and rape.

Then there are those who believe Misfits were never that controversial to begin with.

See some of the tweets below.

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