Swedish extremists God Mother just unleashed a pulverizing new song and video, “By the Millions.” The track is God Mother's first cut from their upcoming Vilseledd album, which will be released via Party Smasher Inc. on Sept. 29.

God Mother first came across our radar in 2015 with Maktbehov, which eventually made our 20 Best Metal Albums of 2015 list. The next year, we premiered the band’s tripped out video for “Between Voids” off their split with Artemis. Somewhere along the way, The Dillinger Escape Plan’s Ben Weinman discovered God Mother and scooped them up to become part of the Party Smasher family.

"For some reason, out of all the European countries producing independent punk and heavy music, it was always the bands from Sweden that made the noise even us arrogant pricks in the United States had to notice,” Weinman says. “To be completely honest, after 20 years of touring the world and playing thousands of shows with thousands of bands, it is hard to impress me. But Sweden has done it again. God Mother is an undeniable force majeure that demands attention like bands did in the old days, by just being that f—king good. Torch, officially passed!"

God Mother drummer Michael Dahlstrom adds, "We are super excited and proud to be part of the Party Smasher Inc family. Ever since we started talking about signing earlier this year we have felt extremely welcome. We played the Party Smasher showcase at SXSW and we are supporting the Dillinger Escape Plan around Europe this summer. Party Smasher Inc is a place for creativity with a great DIY attitude that we can relate to, and we couldn't be more thrilled about releasing our new album here."

You can check out “By the Millions” courtesy of Revolver in the clip above and be sure to keep your eye on God Mother and their upcoming Vilseledd album.

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