Here's the short and long of the story. As this dude is walking back to his car after lunch, he spots an iPhone in the parking lot. He picks it up and heads back to work. Later, he turns it on, sees a text from the owner, agrees to drop it back off at his lunch spot the next day, and the Overland Park PD charges him with theft. Shenanigans.

Sure, he could have turned around and handed it over to any of the businesses in the business park, but which one? And, given that people suck these days, why would anyone inside any of these businesses be a better or more trustworthy solution to the problem?

You might also be thinking that this dude was planning to keep it, but had second thoughts after receiving that text. I get it, like I said, people suck these days. But the same thoughts about trusting a business apply to the individual. There's no way to determine motive when the outcome wasn't a crime.

It seems like doing the right thing is getting harder to do, especially when the right thing comes with unwarranted consequences as in this case.

Moral of the Story: If you find a phone, save yourself the trouble and pitch it in the trash. There's no telling what the gestapo might hit you with after doing the right thing.

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