How many times throughout the year do you hop on Google and search "(something) near me?"

Odds are, if you're under 40, you do that quite often. If you're not under 40, you're technologically inclined. If you've never searched that way, it's time you learn a new trick.

Example: If you were looking for a hippopotamus in the greater Lawton area and simply searched "Hippopotamus," it will simply return results about hippos... Species identification, a Wikipedia page, tons of pictures, etc... But if you searched "Hippopotamus Near Me," Google would tell you the closest place you could see a hippo.

It reads like hyperbole, but "hippopotamus near me" was an actual trending search in the greater Lawton area. No lie. We were also all looking for a good Tom Collins in 2022 too, a classic and delicious cocktail.

While Google is cool enough to provide the metropolitan areas of America - OKC, Tulsa, Dallas, etc - Lawton is a little on the small side. We have a healthy population of people, but when it comes to consolidating information, we were lumped in with Wichita Falls, Texas, as one big happy group of people.

Honestly, the towns are so similar to each other, I don't think anyone would really take issue with that.

Here is what Lawton and Wichita Falls were collectively looking for the most in 2022.

The Top 2022 'Near Me' Searches For Lawton

OK, technically Google lumped Lawton in with Wichita Falls, TX, but seeing the trending topics on this list, it's all relative. Unlike OKC and Tulsa, the searches in L-Town were pretty varied and topical to things you'd actually expect in a trending search list. Here are the things we looked for the most in Southwest Texoma.

The Top 2022 'Near Me' Searches For Oklahoma City

If one word could describe OKC's search history, it's parkour. Here are the biggest trending "near me" searches for 2022.

The Top 2022 'Near Me' Searches For Tulsa

Fun fact: Tulsans almost opted to make husky-corgi mixes the most popular dog in the city this year. They were also obsessed with "quick pancakes," as if regular pancakes took too long to make. Here are the top ten "near me" searches for Tulsa in 2022.

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