So the question on reddit today seems to be this...

If YouTube was shutting down, and you could only watch one more, what would it be?

The replies are, well, numerous to say the least. Everyone has a favorite video, and everyone on reddit is leaving their best link in hopes of that mad karma... but reddit works like democracy. It isn't always fair, but the most popular remain solidly at the top.

Here are the greatest videos on YouTube according to reddit.

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    The Front Fell Off

    Clark and Dawes is a British comedy duo that really found a niche in satire Onion-esque type news. Famous for their over-the-top and under-rated interviews, you can't deny, this is hilarious.

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    The Grape Lady

    While it's not polite to laugh at others pain, news fails are pretty universal on the humor index. You can literally hear this ladies pain.

  • 3

    Russians Save The Cat

    Imagine the news cycle being so slow, a cat rescue is featured live as "breaking news." While the rescue goes astray, the cat does live.

  • 2

    The History of the World

    Imagine if Seth MacFarlane never took on so much work that all of his projects just fell apart... That's what this video is like. Perfectly random and hilariously over-simplified. It's long, but goes by very quick.

  • 1

    Bizkit the Sleep Walking Dog

    Be honest, you've seen this before, and every time it pops up in your feed, you watch it again. A true video giant.

  • 1

    Cannibal Shia Lebeouf

    Right before YouTube launched their "Red" premium platform, you could find gems like this all day long. Nowadays, it's all scripted reality in lieu of actual creators doing funny and amazing things.

    Rob Cantor was a somewhat known performer/comedian in his own little corner of the web in 2014 before bursting into a full on career after this masterpiece dropped. Voted the best video on YouTube, (according to reddit at the time I was looking... it changes as people vote) Cannibal Shia Lebeouf.

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