When I was a kid their were two people that I though defined the world cool. One of them wasn't even a human. Michelangelo from the Ninja Turtles and Tommy the Green Power Ranger.

The Green Ranger started out as a villain on the show, but was able to become good later on. He would go on to be the best Power Ranger hands down. This is not up for debate. The actor who played Tommy the Green Ranger is Jason David Frank. Jason is now using his fame for good and helping out local comic shops throughout the country.

He is doing something called the Power Ranger Protection Plan. Basically, Tommy comes to your store for free. The comic shop can get some people in the door and hopefully make some money on sales. Jason says he makes sure people social distance and masks are required at the events.

The cool thing is, Jason uses an app to hold people's place in line. That way people can wait in their cars and when it's their turn, they come into the store. This stops a line from forming and stops groups from gathering. Jason says he doesn't charge the shop anything, but does charge for autographs. He does give a portion back to the shop as well.

“I see fans. I raise money. At the last shop left them a couple thousand dollars,” Frank said as he bowed. “Rode off in the sunset and said thank you very much.” Merchandise is also left for the shops to also help bring in revenue. I would love a Dragonzord from Tommy!

Jason is working with other former rangers to branch the PPP out to help other comic shops in different states. “I reached out to Catherine, Nakkia, Ciara, Jason Faunt,” Frank said. “I suggest them staying in their hometown and working our radius out, two hours,three hours, four hours.”

He recently visited Ground Zero Comics in Tyler. You can check out some photos from the event above. If any comic shop in Wichita Falls does this, please let me know! I would love to meet one of my childhood icons.

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