A study was conducted by FinanceBuzz.com to find the grinchiest cities in the U.S. that are in need of some serious Christmas spirit. As it turns out there's a city in Oklahoma that made the list and ranked in the top 10.

The study used several different factors when judging Christmas spirit and the amount each city resembled the Grinch. While I completely disagree with their findings they've listed Oklahoma City, OK. #9 Nationwide.

Oklahoma City, OK. has been ranked in the top 10 grinchiest cities in the U.S.


So how exactly did Oklahoma City, OK. end up on the naughty list as the #9 most grinchiest city in the U.S. I've always thought OKC was a great place to visit during the holidays but I guess not for everyone, obviously.

FinanceBuzz.com's methodology used various factors to rank each city like the number of Christmas events and holiday happenings, shopping, general Christmas spirit or lack of it, and overall charity and giving.

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According to the study OKC is lacking in holiday celebrations and events. Currently, it has the fewest number of Christmas festivals and happenings than any other major city in the U.S. I find that really hard to believe.

Then there was the lack of toy stores and shopping, really? That combined with low scores for Christmas spirit and charity landed us in the top 10 at #9 of the most grinchiest cities in the U.S. You can click here to visit FinanceBuzz.com to see the full report and check the rankings and scores of each city's grinchiness.

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