An alarming trend is growing across America, and you're likely familiar with it.

Example: Californians are leaving the Golden State in droves due to a number of problems. As they continue to pour into Texas, native Texans are having an identity problem since these Cali-transplants keep bringing their politics with them, and they're spreading California's problems into the Lone Star State.

The exact same thing on a different scale is happening all across rural Oklahoma. Let me explain.

Fed up with the hustle and bustle lifestyle, some city folk are currently in search of a smaller and often more affordable life, increasingly in the nicer rural communities of Oklahoma.

I totally feel this in my bones. I grew up in a small town and lived in some of America's biggest cities. I much prefer small-town life over city life, and others agree. But when some people move to the country, they try to use their Kareness to bend others to the city standards they've escaped.


Case and point.

The town of Fletcher, Oklahoma is currently going through a culmination of problems that the local Karens are compounding with their own selfish bull**** over kids riding their ATVs in rural America.

In a post to the Fletcher News Facebook page, Feltcher's worst neighbors have made it a habit to harass the local police department over the fact they don't like hearing ATVs run up and down the very small streets of the community.

Probably out of desperation, the Fletcher PD is responding to the Karen calls with harassment and threats of legal action against the kids and adults who have always ridden their ATVs around the residential streets of that town.


Since history always repeats itself, you can probably see now just how Hitler managed to get the SS and Gestapo to do his bidding so easily. Harassment worked for the Nazis, why wouldn't it work for a couple of Karens, right?

It has worked too well. Under threats of confiscation and arrest, residents are now even being threatened if they're caught riding their toys in their own yards.


This exact ATV scenario isn't unique to Fletcher though, it's literally happening all across Oklahoma. Even in my own little small hometown.

My parents moved outside of their city limits about twenty years ago. As older residents die off, younger adults with small kids have moved in. The privately maintained road they all live on has been alive with the sound of kids riding around from house to house on little ATVs and motorcycles for the last five or six years, but the road has fallen silent this summer due to one absolutely miserable new Karen neighbor.

Within a week of her moving in a few doors down, she started walking out onto the road to stop the area kids to scold them for interrupting the peace and quiet of her new country lifestyle.

As you'd expect, this did not sit well at all with the parents who had many words with her. The kids were also told not to stop when she flagged them down, and if she stepped in front of them to run her old cranky butt over. Actions have consequences, after all.


Realizing she had no support to harsh the neighborhood buzz, she quickly started calling the sheriff's office to lodge complaints. I cannot tell you how many times a deputy stopped by her place to explain to her that they have no jurisdiction on private roads that don't belong to the county, but that wasn't good enough for her.

She went straight to the sheriff.

Since the position of sheriff is a political one, the personal information of these politicians is readily available online. She started by calling his office, then his cell phone, then his home phone.

Her persistence was enough that Sheriff Kelly himself decided to give in to her demands because that was far easier than upholding the actual law. He made his rounds through a neighborhood he has zero jurisdiction in to make threats to all of the kids that enjoy riding around to each other's homes on their little ATVs.

To be fair, cops aren't expected to actually know the law. That's the court's job.


Chaos has ensued.

As this particular situation in Kay County makes its way up to the courts, I can't help but imagine the same thing is bound to happen in Fletcher if the police chief, mayor, or city council doesn't find the gumption to nut up and let these Karens know their place in the community.

I wish I had any advice to offer Fletcher on their continuing water bill saga, but all of us here in Lawton are still going through unending similar water bill issues.

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Oddly enough, as countryfied and rustic as it looks on the inside, I looked through the pictures at least twice before realizing there were no windows throughout the place. Given the shape of the structure, I can't imagine how expensive it would be to retrofit windows if you could even find a contractor willing to attempt it.

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