This is sure to upset, offend and possibly piss off some people. While that's not my intent, I do consider it an added bonus! What follows below are my opinions, that's it. Everyone's entitled to their own and I'm entitled to mine. Or at least I use to be...

As the old saying goes "Gun control is all about control, not guns." If gun control were truly about safety and saving lives those who push for it and clamor for more of the same would have to be honest for a change and admit it's not working, at all. Gun control creates victims, not safety and gun free zones are among the most dangerous places in the U.S. Think about it, almost all mass shootings occur in gun free zones or in places where firearms are severely restricted or completely banned.

For as many years as the anti-gunners have pushed this as the ideal way to keep people safe and save lives, countless people have died due to their ignorance and these ridiculous and cowardly laws. Stripping a person's ability to defend themselves and placing them in a position of absolute helplessness isn't a defense.

Over the holiday weekend New York and Chicago had a surge in shootings to the point that both are declaring a state of emergency due to gun violence. These cities have some of the strictest gun control laws around so with all that gun control surely New York and Chicago would lead the Nation when it comes to public safety and would have some of the lowest gun violence numbers around. Instead quite the opposite is happening. They come close to leading the Nation in violent crime, gun violence and shootings.

How are they addressing the surge in gun violence? The elected officials of both states and cities want more gun control. In New York they want the ability to sue gun manufactures and stores. So if a criminal uses a firearm and harms or kills someone the victim or the victim's family can sue. Why should a manufacture or store be responsible for a criminal's actions? If they're able to do this then victims of gun violence who were in gun free zones and unable to defend themselves should be able to sue anyone who placed them in that position. After all this person could have defended themself or others, but were disarmed. That would make whoever disarmed them directly responsible!

In Chicago they're wanting more gun control from the Federal level that's applied Nationally. Even though most of what's been suggested in no way would help or affect Chicago's gun violence problem. It's crazy how they want to ban this or restrict that, but when you look into it the guns and items they want banned or restricted aren't the ones in use or responsible. Sure lets ban the guns that aren't being used in these crimes and shootings makes sense right? Again it's about control, not saving lives.

If gun control were truly about saving lives then those who constantly push for it and wish for more have to admit their plans aren't working. So let's try something completely different, after all it's about saving lives right? Why not allow any person who is lawfully able to purchase and possess a firearm the right to carry it anywhere and everywhere they wish Nationwide! My Second Amendment Rights and the ability to defend myself and others shouldn't be dictated by what state I'm living in, or where I'm at when traveling.

That would mean no gun free zones. Which only law abiding citizens follow anyway. Criminals are by their very name, definition and nature, criminal. Meaning they're not going to obey the law and will completely ignore gun free zones. You might as well hang a sign on the door that reads "free range victims with no bag limit inside." A person who is willing to commit the most heinous of crimes and break the most serious of laws won't be deterred by a "no guns allowed" sign. They can only be deterred by a good guy with a gun!

Some would say "This isn't the wild west." To be honest that's true, it isn't the wild west. It's much, much worse than that. We now live in a time where the bad guys, like in the wild west, are carrying and using guns. But unlike the wild west, the good guys now are treated like bad guys for wanting to carry a firearm to even the odds. This is crazy! You'd think people would want more good guys with guns around. It makes perfect sense to me, but then again I've never been scared of law abiding gun owners and those who wish to legally carry a firearm for self defense. Our God given right to self defense and the Constitutional right to keep and bear arms is a no-brainer, at least to me anyway...

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