Today (July 21) marks the 30th anniversary of Guns N’ Roses monumental breakout album, Appetite for Destruction. To celebrate rock’s most dangerous album, we gathered some of rock’s biggest names along with GN’R legends Slash and Duff McKagan for this Loudwire Legacy documentary.

The legacy of Appetite for Destruction is all about bringing danger, attitude and legitimacy back to mainstream rock in a time when the genre was oversaturated with glam. The album’s influence can be seen in countless bands that came after and fans continue to fill stadiums in 2017 to feel that classic GN’R magic.

Guitarist Slash and bassist Duff McKagan both describe the group’s on-the-fly writing process during the Appetite sessions, forcing GN’R to create quickly. “Welcome to the Jungle” was written in its entirety in just three hours, simply because Guns N’ Roses only had a three-hour window of time at the studio. Despite this, Guns N’ Roses were fiercely efficient when writing. “We shared ideas and you have to kinda lose your ego if you’ve got a riff or something and you bring it into that band,” McKagan tells us. “We would tear stuff apart and put it back together.”

For this Loudwire Legacy documentary, we tracked down Steve Thompson, who was one of the mixers for Appetite for Destruction. Along with providing never-before-seen photos of Guns N’ Roses during the Appetite sessions, Thompson shed new light on how the album was completed and what it was really like working with the Guns.

“These stories about ‘they’re a—holes,’ this and that, it was so far from the truth,” Thompson says. “They were great guys, great personalities, they gave a s—t and they new what they wanted.” Thompson even confirmed the famous story that real sex was recorded featuring a GN’R member for “Rocket Queen.”

Along with Slash, Duff McKagan and Steve Thompson, you’ll see personalities like Corey Taylor, Mike Portnoy, Ice-T, Chris Jericho, Jason Newsted and more of music and entertainment’s biggest names reflecting on Appetite for Destruction and how it changed the entire musical landscape of the late ‘80s and beyond.

Watch the Appetite for Destruction episode of Loudwire Legacy in the clip above and help us celebrate the 30th anniversary of GN’R’s debut masterpiece!

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